Top 10 To-Do List Items – Moving

To do list for moving

You sold your home, now what?

Selling your home is a wonderful feeling, but there’s plenty still left to do after you’ve accepted an offer on your former property. Regardless if you’re purchasing a new home or if you’re moving into a rental property, all sellers need these ten things on their to-do list after selling their homes.

Here are our top ten items for your to-do list

Create a to do list to stay focused and on track after you have sold your home.
Stay on track after selling your home with a to-do list.

Stay Organized

All of the documents you’ve received during this transaction will continue to be relevant long after you’ve completed the sale. Store these documents in a secure space and make backup copies available on a digital storage device.

Clear Out Your Belongings & Trash

During your final walkthrough, make sure all of your possessions not included in the sale are removed. Be sure to check all spaces for items or trash, including cabinets, closets, pantries, garages, attics, and crawl spaces.

Have a Plan for Long-term Storage

If you’re not immediately moving into a space large enough for all of your possessions, you’ll need to budget for a long-term storage plan. Find temporary housing for your items and research other options that will work best with your lifestyle needs and budget.

Leave All Essential Paperwork

As you leave your former home for the last time, be sure to leave behind all essential paperwork that the new owner may need. This requires all permitting, insurance, warranties, service receipts, and other paperwork concerning the home’s structural and legal standing.

Cancel Old Services

Contact utility and other service providers so that you can cancel all services to the home and switch them over to your new property. 

Change Your Address

Contact the post office to officially change your address and make sure you contact subscription providers to update your information.

Research Tax Breaks

In many situations, sellers are eligible for certain tax breaks associated with their home sale. Consult your agent or a CPA for more information about the current tax laws.

Allocate Your Sale Sum Wisely

Unless you are immediately investing the funds received from the sale of your home into a new property, it’s wise to consult a financial advisor about the best ways to save or spend this large sum.

Consider Your Next Steps

Now that you’ve finished selling your home, you may be wondering what steps you should take next. No matter where you believe your path is headed, we suggest that all sellers approach their next decisions with patience.

Celebrate Your Success

Selling your home is quite the triumph and you deserve to celebrate your accomplishment. The next steps will unfold in time. Until then, take a moment to reflect on this success with pride.
Before you toast to new beginnings, make sure you tend to these ten items on your to-do list to ensure that your hard work continues to pay off. Through planning, patience, and practical decision-making, you can set yourself up nicely for the next chapter of your life!

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