10 Tips to Conquer the Clutter in Your Home

Conquer the clutter in your home

Thinking about organizing your home and reduce your clutter? It can be a stressful task to start.

Clutter can make even the nicest home look messy and disorganized. It also causes stress and makes it hard to find what you need, but the idea of decluttering can seem overwhelming. By paring down your belongings, you can make your home more beautiful and functional while reducing your level of stress.

Time to organize your home
Time to organize your home

Sometimes, you have to jump in and start somewhere. One of the best ways to not feel overwhelmed in the beginning is to start purging the most obvious clutter first. Take time off, it could be a week, it could be a month, then start again.

The following are ten ways to help you conquer the clutter in your home:

Think before you bring an item home.

Once something makes its way into your home, it may take up permanent residence. Be particular about what you bring home by avoiding unnecessary purchases and limiting what you buy to what you love or need.

Donate throughout the year.

Instead of waiting until the end of the year or a during a spring cleaning session to donate unwanted household items to charity, give away items throughout the year. Keep a shopping bag open and ready to store items such as clothes you don’t wear and books that you’ve finished and won’t read again.

Follow the one item in, one item out rule.

Most people continue to accumulate more and more possessions over the years. If you bring an item you don’t truly need into your home, make sure to donate, sell, or trash at least one thing you already own but don’t love or use.

Take photos of your home.

You’ve probably grown used to seeing the clutter in your home but taking photos of its different areas can help you see how much excess stuff you have. As you declutter small areas, take a new photo to compare and be inspired to keep going.

Remove yourself from mailing lists.

Between junk mail and catalogs, chances are good that you bring clutter into your home when you get your mail. Call to remove yourself from mailing lists, and if you still receive items, keep a trash bag in the car to put them in so they don’t make it inside your home.

Emphasize quality over quantity.

For birthdays and other gift-giving holidays, place a higher priority on the quality of what you give family members rather than on the quantity. And as you emphasize fewer – yet nicer – gifts, your recipient will probably love your gift and be more likely to remember it afterward.

Take the trash bag challenge.

Take a trash bag around your home, trying to fill it with items to either toss or donate. After it’s filled, put it with your garbage or take it to a thrift store to donate.

Don’t buy things you’ll only use once.

Buying an item that you’ll use only once wastes space as well as money. If, for example, you need a tool for a home improvement project but probably won’t use it again, see if you can rent one or borrow it from a neighbor.

Digitize old documents and photos.

Scan old documents, photos, kids’ artwork and other paperwork you need to keep a record of. Back them up on an external hard drive so they’ll be saved and then shred any sensitive documents.

Customize the inside of your closets and cabinets.

Most closets and cabinets don’t efficiently maximize space. Make these spaces work for you with shelving, baskets, lazy Susans, and other items that will help you stay organized.

Hopefully you are on the path to conquer the clutter in your home.
Although conquering your home’s clutter can seem like an endless task, you’ll reap countless benefits as you start to make progress on the transformative home improvement project. The preceding tips will have you well on your way to reclaiming your home from clutter and making it a relaxing place to live.

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