10 Things to Leave Behind When You’re Selling Your Home!

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It is time to lighten your load!

If you’re thinking about selling your home, now is the time to start thinking about how your house will look while you are trying to sell. There will come a time when you’ll have to start sorting through your belongings so you can pack up and move out, waiting until then might not be the best time to lighten your load. Start before your listing your home for sale, think about staging your home to sell, which means removing a lot of your very personal belongings.

You may likely feel surprised by the sheer number of things you’ve accumulated that aren’t personal belongings. Once your personal things are removed you may also start to wonder what you should leave behind.

Some things are considered part of the buyer’s contract and must be left in the home. Leaving certain other items will make life easier for the new buyer while also limiting the amount of stuff you need to deal with.

Before you do any more packing, take a look at this list of ten items you’ll definitely want to leave behind when selling your home.

10 things to leave behind when your are selling a home.
10 things to leave behind when your are selling a home.

Window Treatments & Hardware

Window treatments, like curtains and blinds, aren’t likely to do you much good in your new home. They probably won’t fit right or go with your new decor. Plus, the new buyers will appreciate the added privacy. The right home will do more than just please you aesthetically. From the layout and number of bedrooms to the neighborhood and distance from your most visited places, the right home will cover most of your priorities and not leaving you wishing for more.

Light Fixtures

Anything that’s attached to your home is typically assumed to be included in the sale. If you have a certain light fixture that you just can’t bear to part with, make sure the contract explicitly states that it’s not included. You’ll also need to replace it with another fixture. Make sure to leave the lightbulbs too. Not only is it rude to leave the new buyers in the dark, but it’s hard to move them without worrying about breakage.

Certain Appliances

While it’s fine to take freestanding appliances with you, anything that’s hard-wired or attached to the home’s plumbing should be left behind. This includes built-in dishwashers, range hoods, cooktops, and ovens.

Owner’s Manuals & Warranties

If you have the owner’s manuals and warranties for any of the appliances or home accessories you’re leaving behind, make sure to leave those for the new owners as well. This will make it easier for them to order parts and get service when they need it.


Leftover Paint

You will have no use for leftover cans of paint, and disposing of them can be a pain. Luckily, the new owners will probably want them. This will be a lifesaver when they need a small touchup.


In-Ground Features

Items that are attached to the ground are considered part of the real estate property rather than your personal property. This means you need to leave behind things like your mailbox, firepits, and in-ground landscape lighting.


Outdoor Plants

You should also leave your landscaping alone. Not only will the new buyer expect all of the trees, bushes, and flowers to be there when they move in, but it’s unlikely that they’ll survive being transplanted anyway.


Extra Keys

Most new homeowners change the locks right away, but it’s still a good idea to leave any extra keys. This will give them extra peace of mind and you’ll have no need for them anyway.


Garage Door Opener

If you forget to leave the garage door openers, the new homeowner will have to deal with the hassle of replacing them. Although they may decide to do this anyway, leaving them is just the right thing to do.


Hardwired Systems

If you have a portable security system and cameras that aren’t permanently attached to the home then it’s fine to take them with you. However, anything that’s hard-wired should be left behind.


If you’re in doubt about whether a certain item should come with you or stay behind, don’t hesitate to ask your real estate agent. This is just one of the many ways that a great agent can make selling your home a breeze!

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