3 Top Tips for Moving to Naples FL.

Three Tips for Moving to Naples Florida

Here are my top three tips for moving to Naples FL

With so many people moving to Naples FL from other states, I have a few tips that I think may be overlooked. These insights to Naples Florida might help you save time and money on your move here and it will help you avoid mistakes along the way.

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Tip #1

When moving to Naples FL or even other parts of Florida, watch out for hidden fees. Most communities in Naples have homeowner associations (HOAs) and that means fees. If you fall in love with a house or condo before looking at the fees, you could be in line for a heartbreak. Many neighborhoods have a substantial initiation fee. This is especially true for communities with a mandatory golf membership. The initiation fees for a community with a golf course start at $35,000.00 and go up from there. With these types of neighborhoods, you could pay $35,000 or more in yearly fees as well.

So check the HOA fees and if you are looking at a condominium watch the condo fees as well as any additional HOA fees. Many condo complexes have both. That means your fees could be pricey.

Tip #2

When moving to Naples FL, make sure you read the rule of the community before submitting an offer. You may be surprised to find out that you can’t park your car in your own driveway overnight. Drive a pick-up truck? Pick-up trucks, especially the larger ones are not welcome in some neighborhoods. That goes for motorcycles as well.

So again, avoid the heartache and know the rules before shopping for a home as well as before putting money down on a house or condo.

Moving to Naples Fl

Tip #3

This follow on the same advice as tip #2. Make sure the neighborhood or condominium you want to live in allows pets.

When moving to Naples, Florida, you will find that there are many condo buildings that do not allow any pets, except for certified service animals and not therapy animals. Condos that do allow pets usually have restrictions about pets including the number of pets, size of your dog, and breed of your dog.

Condo buildings are not the only ones that have restrictions. Many homeowner associations have restrictions as well.

Again, knowing the rules of each homeowners association and condominium is an important aspect of house hunting in Naples FL.

I hope this gives you a quick insight into the ins and outs of moving to Naples FL. I have extensive knowledge of the greater Naples area and would love to help you find the perfect neighborhood.

Here is a list of some of the communities in Naples Florida.

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have about moving to Naples Florida.

Laurie Rose

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