Buying a home in a seller’s market – tips for a great experience

The frenzy of a seller's market

How to buy a home in the 2020 seller’s market frenzy.

Frustrated while trying to buy a home in the 2020 real estate market frenzy?


This week’s one-minute video topic is buying a home in a seller’s market:

Buying a home in a seller’s market can be tricky.

Inventory is low so your dream home may be harder to find and you might feel like your settling for less – don’t!

You may have to pay more for a home in a seller’s market as well. Homes in the Naples, Florida real estate market. Homes are selling for listing price or more due to bidding wars.

And there are other factors to consider in a seller’s market when buying a home.


To find out more about buying a home in the frenzy of the 2020 seller’s market. Watch my quick one video on the subject of buying in the seller’s market.


Every week I create a one-minute video about real estate. My goal is to get you up to date information about the real estate market in general as well as specific information about Naples, Florida.

I want you to be informed so that you can make an educated decision about your real estate needs.






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