What happened to the Naples FL real estate market in Sept 2019?

September Real Estate Market Report

The Naples FL Real Estate Market Update Report for September 2019


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Here is some insight into the current Naples real estate market for Sept 2019.



September home closings were higher than last year in Naples!

Naples Florida September 2019 home sales were strong with 698 closings verse 651 the same period last year.

That is an increase of 7.2%!

Prices of closed home sales in Naples FL
Prices of closed home sales in Naples FL for September 2019

Closed home sales under $500,00 were still the fastest moving with 8.4% sold this September over last September.


How about home inventory levels in Naples FL?

Inventory levels in the Naples real estate market for September 2019 are down 18% from a year ago, there  is only 6 months of supply currently. This follows our seasonal flow. More homes will come on the market in October and November.


Inventory of homes for sale in Naples FL
Inventory of homes for sale in Naples FL

Overall Median Home Prices in Naples FL

The September 2019 overall median closed price was $405,000 a increase of .2 percent compared to September 2018.

The single-family home median closed price increased 2.5 percent in September, while the condominium market median closed price increased 1.1 percent.

Houses priced under $1 million dollars far out sold homes over $1 million dollars.

Facts about the Naples Real Estate Market
Facts about the Naples Real Estate Market


Given the overall balance between supply and demand, opportunities exist for both buyers and sellers. Buyers, currently, have more options than in recent years. Interest rates are falling, making it more affordable for first time home buyers to enter the market. This will help to sell more homes, especially under the $1 million dolllar range. Moreover, sellers, if their homes are priced competitively, should be able to sell in a reasonable timeframe at a price in line with recent closed sales.

Read the complete Naples Real Estate Report, provided by John R Wood Properties.


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